How to make Zara Tindall’s ‘classy’ cocktail – it’s ‘really good’

The Royal Family enjoy a tipple as much as the rest of us. Zara Tindall showed fellow cocktail lovers how to make a delicious Cosmopolitan.

On Slingsby Gin’s YouTube channel for Slingsby Golf Academy, the Queen’s granddaughter showed viewers at home how to create a tasty “Classy Affair Cosmo”.

She told Sky Sports Presenter Anna Woolhouse: “I’m going to make you a Classy Affair Cosmo, possibly inspired by horse Class Affair.”

She didn’t claim to have cocktail-making prowess, explaining that it’s just a matter of “pouring everything in”.

For the cocktail newbies, this easy cocktail is tasty enough for a royal without being difficult to make.

However, the royal did joke that she was “a bit disappointed” there was no cocktail-shaking involved.

It took just a few minutes so is super simple and went down a treat with the Sky Sports presenter who said she “loved it”.

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35ml Vodka

50ml Triple sec

Cranberry juice

Lime juice

10ml Sugar syrup

Rose lemonade

Orange peel


1. Start off with a large glass filled halfway with ice.

2. Use a jigger (stainless steel measuring device often spotted in bars) to pour the Vodka, then Triple sec.

3. Add in lime juice and cranberry juice before adding the sugar syrup.

4. Complete the concoction with a little rose lemonade. Garnish with orange peel and stir. Enjoy!

Tasting her concoction Zara was very impressed, saying it was “really good”.

However, she revealed she added a little too much sugar syrup, measuring out a little more than 10ml.

This royal recipe is certainly one to try out for anyone celebrating the King’s Coronation this weekend with a party.

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