Best place to store carrots explained – how to them fresher for much longer

Food poisoning: Expert gives advice on safe food storage

As autumn approaches most people will be thinking of making some hearty meals perfect for the colder weather such as stews, potpies, and soups, in which carrots are usually a staple ingredient. 

Carrots should easily last three to four weeks if properly stored, but if in the incorrect conditions they can grow soggy, shrink or even go slimy. 

Luckily, the expert staff at Kitchen Tips Online have found the simplest way to keep carrots fresh to help save you money on your shopping. Kitchen Tips Online wishes to help “working moms, single parents, and even single guys who need to impress their date” or simply anyone living a “busy life” learn their way around the kitchen. 

In a video online, Kitchen Tips took a selection of different varieties of carrots and stored them all in different ways in order to discover which food storage hack will make carrots last long-term. 

They said: “[This] will keep your carrots fresh and crispy for weeks! This amazing hack is so simple, that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself!” 

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When buying carrots 

The absolute best condition is to buy carrots with the green carrot tops removed. If left intact, the roots of the carrot can compete for the rest of the vegetable when it comes to nutrients and moisture. 

Kitchen Test explained: “Green leafy carrots tend to deteriorate quicker because the green leaves on top of the carrot tend to suck the nutrients and the goodness out of the carrot below. 

“In every test we conducted, the carrots that lasted longer were the carrots we purchased in plastic bags in the store, whether they were organic or not.”

The green carrot tops can also cause excess condensation inside a vegetable drawer or food storage container, which can potentially cause carrots to go mouldy.  

Kitchen Tips added: “If you have to get a good deal on the carrots with the green leaves on top, you’re gonna want to remove the green leaves as soon as you get home.”

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When storing carrots 

Once your carrots have been brought home from the store, they are best placed in the fridge, preferably in a vegetable drawer.  

Kitchen Tips explained: “We discovered that the best way to store carrots is in your refrigerator, but it’s all about moisture and temperature control. It’s probably no surprise to anyone that the best place to store carrots is the lower drawers, because of the colder temperature.”

However, there is an easy kitchen trick in order to make carrots last longer, as simply storing them in a fridge drawer uncovered can cause them to spoil quickly. 

Kitchen Tips said: “It turns out that the best place way to store carrots in your refrigerator is in an open ziplock bag in the crisper drawer.”

Carrots need to be kept with a certain moisture and humidity level in order to keep fresh. Too much water will make them mouldy, but the dry air of the fridge will make them dehydrate. 

Keeping them in an open ziplock bag will protect your carrots and keep them crisp, while also locking in more moisture and protecting them, making them last longer while also ensuring they taste great.

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