Porridge championship winner’s tip for the ‘perfect’ bowl of porridge

The championships, which take place in the Scottish highlands of Carrbridge, sees contestants from all over the world going head-to-head with their porridge recipes.

Adam, who lives in London, competed under the Pakistan flag with his flatmate, James Leach, who has been his best friend since they were children.

Speaking to BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland programme, Adam said: “I feel like the secret is collaboration.

“James and I went through the whole process together and in the final, we both forgot a ladle.

“We were sharing a tiny teaspoon to serve our final porridge. I couldn’t have done it without the support of James and all my friends.”

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James and Adam’s passion for porridge led them to create an Instagram page where they share both sweet and savoury recipes.

The Golden Spurtle is awarded to the contestant judged to have made the best traditional porridge using just three ingredients, oats, water and salt, and this year, Adam took home the prize.

Adam used a spurtle that belonged to his grandmother, a Scottish wooden tool used to stir stews, soups and porridge.

The winner noted: “I think that might be part of the secret. It still must have had some grandmotherly warmth and magic that had been transmitted into the porridge.”

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Spurtles are readily available to buy online for less than £5, and they date back to the 15th century.

The rod-like shape means that porridge can be stirred without congealing and forming lumps, unlike a spoon, which would have a dragging effect during stirring. The low surface area of the tool also reduces the chances of porridge sticking to it.

In order to use the tool, it is recommended to stir the porridge in a clockwise direction with the right hand for the best breakfast dish.

The rules of the competition state that contestants must make the “perfect” bowl of porridge using just oats, salt and water, a little different from other recipes which recommend using milk and sugar.

When using a spurtle to make porridge, stir gently on low heat, making sure to get into the corners of the pan.

Adam continued: “Porridge has such a history and is so diverse – it can be sweet or sour – and it has been a part of people’s diet for centuries. It is the first time I’ve entered and I can’t believe I’ve won.”

The winner added that he had been “practising hard” and “trying out different-sized oats” to find his winning recipe.

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