‘Simple’ cooking method to make scrambled eggs in only 20 seconds

Eggs may seem like a simple enough breakfast to cook, but making scrambled eggs perfectly fluffy quickly can be a tricky task.

If scrambled eggs are undercooked they will be soggy and flavourless, but they should not take a lot of time to make which makes this dish very easy to burn.

Instead of spending five to 10 minutes hovering around a stove, one chef has shared her simple recipe to make scrambled eggs in only 20 seconds.

Professional chef Kelly Soctt shared in a video that there is a “fast and hard” cooking method in order to make the perfect scrambled eggs.

To begin, crack your eggs into a mixing dish and stir them thoroughly.

Kelly said: “They need a lot of whisking. We want a lot of air in these eggs to make them fluffy. Then we’re going to do a nice salt and pepper all over to keep it simple”.

Next, bring a non-stick pan to a medium-high heat. Let the pan heat up before placing the egg mixture.

In order to make sure the pan is hot enough try the water test, in which you splash a small amount of water on the pan. Kelly said: “If it sizzles, it’s good to go.”

Add some butter to the pan and move the pan around to spread it all over. Since it is a non-stick pan, you will not need a lot of butter.

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Once the butter has melted, add your eggs. As soon as they eggs are added you should start “vigorously” stirring them according to Kelly.

She said: “Stir them around for a nice scramble, this takes about 20 seconds ‘cause we’re doing fast-scrambled eggs here so it’s super fast.”

The eggs should begin to solidify within seconds, but take them out of the pan and onto a plate about a second before they are fully cooked.

Kelly explained: “You’re gonna want to pull them a second before they are done when they have a little bit of runniness to them. This is because they’re gonna cook a little bit more [once out of the heat].”

Season your scrambled eggs well and serve or toast or part of a larger breakfast, and your scrambled eggs are ready to serve.

Kelly said: “Add some chili flakes, whatever you want on top, and you will have perfect soft scrambled eggs in 20 seconds.”

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