Air fryer soft boiled eggs are ‘perfectly cooked’ every time with minimal mess

Soft-boiled eggs, best known as dippy eggs, are a staple breakfast ingredient loaded with protein and nutrients.

Though traditionally cooked in a pan of boiling water, the gooey yolk is easy to achieve using an air fryer.

And it’s a much easier way to cook them on a busy morning when there’s little time to spare.

Sharing her simple recipe on the food blog Jamil Ghar, developer and photographer Tressa said: “You won’t believe how easy it is to make perfectly cooked air fryer soft-boiled eggs in just minutes.”

She continued that the “quick” method is ideal for “even cooking” and has an “easy cleanup”.

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While any size of egg can be cooked in an air fryer, the cooking expert recommended using large ones for easy peeling.

Tressa said: “For consistent results every time, use eggs straight out of the fridge, as room temperatures can vary. If you use room-temperature eggs, they will cook more quickly.”

She also recommended preheating the air fryer (around 148C) before adding them to ensure that the appliance is already at the right temperature.

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When it comes to adding the eggs it’s important to handle them with care. To do this, opt for a large cooking spoon to help gently lower them into the basket and prevent cracking.

If cooking multiple eggs at once, it’s important to keep them well-spaced to avoid overcrowding.

Once they are firmly in the fryer basket, set a timer to reflect the desired texture. Five to seven minutes is ideal for set whites with a slightly runny yolk.

Seven to eight minutes is perfect for set whites and jammy yolks, while 14 to 15 minutes is preferred for a hard-boiled egg.

While the eggs cook, prepare a cold bowl of iced water to dunk the eggs into once they are ready.

When the cooking timer is up, gently lift the eggs from the fryer to the ice bath and blanch for a few seconds.

Remove and peel the shell from each one before tucking into perfectly cooked eggs.

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