‘I went from a size 20 to a size 10 in months thanks to a seasoning’

A woman who looks incredible after losing 100 pounds has explained that food does not have to be flavourless while dieting, and showcased what she ate while trying to lose weight.

Suzette Brown is a mother of three and weight loss content creator who has documented her health journey on her TikTok account @suzettebrown32.

She enjoys posting about “family, fun [and] fitness” on social media, and has confessed she was able to lose a lot of weight while cooking tasty meals.

In one video, Suzette showed some “delicious” chopped-up chicken thighs with scallions and said that the key to a low-calorie diet and healthy meal was the sauce.

Suzette explained that she used sugar-free G Hughes Caribbean jerk wing sauce for the meal and in the comment section said it can be bought “from Walmart but I think it’s in most stores now and on Amazon.”

She added: “As you can see, this was only 10 calories [per serving]” and paired the meal with white rice.

Suzette said: “I paired it with some Banza rice, which is made from chickpeas, it is high in protein, high in fibre, and low in calories, delicious.”

In order to make the meal, Suzette said: “Season your chicken as you would like, grill them in a pan using spray oil, or you can put them in an airfryer.

“Once they are done here is the key, the sauce. Make sure you use a low-calorie sauce. Delicious!”

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In the comment section, users congratulated Suzette on her weight loss and thanked her for sharing her simple yet effective dieting secrets.

One user said: “Looks so good! I lost 85lbs doing keto too.”

Another person said: “Thanks for this! These are two new to me products I haven’t tried yet so I’ll check them out.”

Someone else asked Suzette how long it took her to lose weight, in which she explained it took her around nine months to lose around 70 pounds.

While trying to lose weight, Suzette explained to another commentator that the secret is not to count calories but make sure your first meal of the day contains “fibre first, lean protein [and] carbs” while a second meal should contain “fiber, protein, veggies.”

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