Eugenie may find it ‘more difficult’ to achieve ‘pre-baby figure’, expert claims

Princess Eugenie, 33, gave birth to her first son August Brooksbank in 2021 and recently had a second son called Ernest in May this year.

Now a mother of two, diet experts spoke exclusively to to explain how Eugenie likely lost her baby weight the second time around.

Dr Tamara Alireza, a Functional Medicine Specialist at Skinfluencer London said: “Losing baby weight might be harder the second time because Princess Eugenie has another child to take care of as well, and abdominal muscles may be weaker than the first time around.

“Additionally, many women tend to be fitter or in better shape before the first baby, so decreased muscle mass after the second pregnancy may slow metabolism slightly, making it more difficult to achieve the same pre-baby figure.

“Although some women may find it easier to lose weight with two children due to the fact they are running around so much that there is less time to eat.”

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Dr Tamara discussed her best weight loss tips for the Princess of York.

She claimed: “The best tip I could give for this is to go slowly and in a sustainable way. Breastfeeding can support weight loss, but ensure to provide the body with the proper nutrition for postpartum healing and recovery.

“Eat foods high in fibre, include clean protein in the diet such as low mercury fish, nuts, or grass-fed meats to help suppress appetite and boost metabolism.

“Keeping blood sugar levels stable can also be beneficial, try to avoid processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol and fruit juices.

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“Walking and moderate-intensity exercise can also help to feel better, add muscle, and improve health and recovery, however, ensure your doctor has given the go-ahead after delivery on when this can be started depending on the type of delivery.”

Huw Phillips, a fitness trainer with over 30 years of experience in the industry, also spoke exclusively to to discuss Eugenie’s reported diet.

He suggested: “If Princess Eugenie was healthy, keeping herself fit and active, and had a well-balanced diet, then there is absolutely no reason why she shouldn’t gain her pre-baby weight quicker the second time around because her body is in a good spot.

“If she wasn’t looking after herself, or didn’t have a particularly good diet, then we would have to go back to the drawing board and take things a little bit slower. But there is absolutely no reason why she shouldn’t be able to go back to her pre-baby weight.”

Mr Phillips offered his expertise on how Princess Eugenie can achieve her pre-baby weight.

He added: “Eugenie absolutely, 100 percent needs to be guided by her medical team and doctors.

“Assuming everything is good, she would go back to eating good, wholesome food, as much single-ingredient food as possible, staying hydrated, staying active and getting plenty of fresh air – all the good stuff that people should be doing anyway.

“If Eugenie’s diet before was really poor, then yes we would need to change it. If her diet was good, and she ate lots of green produce, lots of protein and drank lots of water, then I would see no reason to change her diet.”

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