Jane McDonald shares how she dropped three dress sizes ditching one ingredient

Cruising star Jane McDonald, who will be hosting tonight’s British Soap Awards, has wowed fans with an incredible weight loss transformation.

She revealed that she managed to drop three dress sizes taking part in ITV’s Sugar Free Farm, a TV show which sees celebrities take on a sugar-free diet.

In a conversation with The Mirror in 2016, Jane admitted she was a little sceptical about taking part in the show, and even rather “offended” to have been asked – “My first thought was, ‘Well it’s just a fat farm, why do they think I need to lose weight? I’m a size 12/14, I didn’t think I was that bad”.

But when she was told it was more about cutting out sugar than dieting, and that they wanted an “average” type of woman with a “busy life and not much routine when it came to eating properly”, she was all in.

Jane revealed that cutting out alcohol, cakes, biscuits, convenience food – plus her favourite, red wine – was absolutely transformative.

She shared that after the two-week process, she could fit into a pair of size eight jeans, meaning she dropped a dramatic three dress sizes.

It also gave her a “new lease on life”, with the cruise star describing the show as “the best thing [she’s] ever done”.

Jane took the lessons she learnt from Sugar Free Farm and applied them to her own life, swapping the junk for whole, nutritious foods.

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The star revealed that she used to eat a lot of ready-made microwave meals, which she had no idea were often laden with sugar.

But she decided to ditch this for fresh ingredients such as “lean meat and chopped veg in boxes of Tupperware, peppers, spinach, things like that”.

Speaking on Lorraine in the same year, Jane explained that she not only “looks different” but has “a lot more energy”.

She stated: “I feel fantastic, and that’s just by cutting out sugar from my diet.”

But it’s not just adopting a healthy diet that keeps Jane in top shape, with the star also sharing that she took up dancing. 

Speaking about preparing for her tour Making Memories, she shared that her performance would include dancing – “well I say dancing, a lot of people wouldn’t call it dancing – moving”.

Her two “phenomenal” young dancers Sarah and Gina made her “up [her] game a little”.

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