Princess Beatrice follows a ‘nutritious diet’ & it’s still ‘delicious’ – claims

Princess Beatrice just turned 35-years-old today. Diet expert Phillippa Quigley, a professional health and wellness Coach, exclusively spoke to about the royal’s healthy diet.

She said: “Princess Beatrice has been a shining beacon of lifestyle changes, embodying the perfect blend of mindset, diet, and physical activity.

“Instead of a quick fix, she took the high road to embrace a healthier lifestyle, which was not just for a fleeting moment but seemingly for life.

“Beatrice’s approach to nutrition has evolved alongside her overall commitment to wellness. She didn’t jump onto the bandwagon of extreme diets but embraced a balanced nutritional strategy.

“As part of her routine, she is said to have included high-fibre foods akin to avocados, berries, and broccoli. This wasn’t just about cutting calories but ensuring satiety, curbing those midday hunger pangs, and maintaining an overall nutritious diet.

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“Another leaf from Beatrice’s book that I personally endorse is the inclusion of wholesome proteins like lean meats, eggs, and dairy.

“Proteins, as we know, play a key role in boosting metabolism and curbing appetite. Remember, it’s not about eating less; it’s about eating right.

“Beatrice’s royal commitment to hydration cannot be understated either. Water isn’t just a thirst quencher; it removes toxins, kickstarts your metabolism, and even plays a pivotal role in managing hunger.

“I always recommend my clients drink a glass of warm water in the morning and before meals; this is a simple yet effective strategy for promoting a healthier lifestyle.

“First, it helps to keep you hydrated, which is essential for nearly every function your body performs. Second, it can aid in digestion by preparing your stomach for food.

“Lastly, and perhaps most notably for many, water can create a sense of fullness before a meal, which can help control portion sizes and prevent overeating, contributing to effective weight management. The difference it makes can be quite phenomenal.

“Physical activity is a key facet of Beatrice’s well-rounded wellness routine, with running holding a special place in her heart. From what we’ve seen, combining a balanced, nutritious diet with regular exercise has been instrumental in her overall health transformation.

“Lastly, it’s essential to acknowledge the role of professionals like personal trainers in Princess Beatrice’s fitness journey. Individual guidance can have a profound impact on health outcomes, especially when the advice is tailored to one’s unique needs and circumstances.

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“The takeaway here is that Beatrice’s journey to wellness was a holistic endeavour, with a harmonious blend of mindset, nutrition, hydration, exercise, and professional guidance.

“And it’s not just about the destination, but the journey itself. It’s about feeling good in your body, moving it joyfully, and nourishing it with love. Because, in the end, wellness is a lifelong commitment, not a fad.”

Jana Abelovska, a Superintendent Pharmacist at Click Pharmacy also spoke exclusively to about Princess Beatrice’s diet.

She claimed: “Princess Beatrice, along with the majority of the Royal Family, will have access to some of the highest quality foods in the country. The Princess is speculated to be following a vegan diet, which means that she is most likely to be consuming high volumes of healthy cruciferous vegetables – including broccoli, cabbage, and kale.

“These vegetables are not only delicious and found in a wide range of foods, but they are also all known for being great sources of fibre and vitamin C.

“The Princess is an active mother of one, meaning that having good amounts of energy is essential to allow her to go about her daily activities and spend time taking care of her daughter.

“High amounts of energy can be found in common vegan favourites, such as avocados, lentils, and bananas. Each of these foods is rich in vitamins, slow-release carbohydrates, and healthy fats – all of which help to keep you feeling full for longer while also giving you consistent energy throughout the day.

“Slow-release carbohydrates are very beneficial for energy, as they are digested and absorbed slowly by the body, which prevents your blood sugar and insulin levels from spiking after eating.”

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