Behavioural expert shares what your toast spreading technique says about you

Are you a Glider, a Clumper, or a Crust Avoider? A psychologist has revealed what your spreading on toast technique says about your personality. Human behavioural expert, Darren Stanton, reveals that “Gliders”, who glide the knife over the bread for an even spread, tend to be easy-going and calm in nature – with 50 percent, of the 2,000 adults polled, claiming to fall under this category.

They successfully glide through life, unphased by hurdles or moments of stress.

Meanwhile, the research from Flora showed that 19 percent of adults prefer “Total Coverage”, spreading all the way up to, and including, the crusts – with these people considered to be very methodical.

Their precise nature means they are usually the organised one of their friendship group. By spreading every part of their bread, it demonstrates control, ensuring nothing is left to chance.

And “Clumpers” – those who don’t spread evenly, and often leave clumps on the bread – are sporadic in their nature, thinking outside the box in life.

The six percent of the population, who fit into this category, do things their own way – but are generally late for appointments, believing they have more time to spare.

Darren, who worked with Flora to create the types of spreaders, said: “In the seemingly mundane act of putting a spread on toast, layers of our personality are unveiled.

“Some spread with precision, others with spontaneity – how we spread mirrors our resilience, patience, and attention to detail.

“This seemingly simple task becomes a canvas of our subconscious, revealing traits we might not even be aware of.

“The next time you spread your toast, remember, you could be revealing more about your personality than you might think.”

The human behavioural expert also commented on the five percent of adults who make an effort to avoid the crust, believing these people are very neat and tidy.

“Crust-Avoiders” fear making a mess, and are procedural – but are typically great at admin, and may describe themselves as a perfectionist.

The research also found half of adults (51 percent) have become frustrated in the past when they couldn’t spread easily, which could come down to where they store their spread.

But it’s not just a tough spread which can wind up Brits – as 64 percent get annoyed when crumbs are left in the tub, with 22 percent of these admitting it has resulted in an argument.

And 17 percent have even resorted to telling someone how to spread properly, because they have been making a mess of it.

The research, conducted via OnePoll, also found that the average person will put spread on 574 slices of bread a year.

Ian Hepburn, from consumer packaged goods company, Upfield, said: “It’s no surprise the nation has strong opinions about how best to spread your toast, considering how much we do it over a year.”

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