Savvy shopper shares Tesco tip for the ‘best value’ meal deal

The meal-deal lover filmed a recent trip to the supermarket to show their go-to meal deal combination with fellow TikTok users.

Female fitness company Shreddy took to the social media app to share the video, which was captioned: “Finding the best value meal deals at Tesco.”

While there are endless combinations of mains, drinks and snacks that can be purchased in the deal, the savvy shopper went for the most nutritious and expensive items.

This included a wrap, smoothie and nut bar, all of which are priced at £2 or more on their own.

In the meal deal, however, the Tesco customer managed to bag them for less than £4.

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@shreddy make some savvy choices and you can save over 50% on a Tesco meal deal ������ as you know, we’re foodies here at shreddy hq and we’ve been through many a meal deal ������ we wanted to know what the BEST meal deal combo is in terms of value.. maybe should we do best protein combo next?? where should we shop?? ������ #shreddy #mealdeal #tesco #tescohaul #tescomealdeal ♬ son original – Le Maille

According to the TikTok star, the Chicken Shawarma Wrap is one of the best main options in terms of value for money.

They picked this up as part of a £3.40 deal, despite the recommended retail price (RRP) coming in at a whopping £2.85.

They teamed this with the £2.60 Naked Rainbow Machine Smoothie and a £2 Kind Nut Bar.

The total recommended retail price came out at £7.40, meaning customers can save 54 percent on the Shreddy-approved combo by buying the items as part of a meal deal.

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Tesco runs a regular meal deal offer which costs Clubcard members £3.40, up from the previous price of just £3.

Shoppers without a member Clubcard have to pay £3.90 for the sandwich, snack and drink lunch deal.

A Premium Meal Deal was launched by the supermarket in February which offers a premium main, snack and a drink for £5.

The discounted lunchtime combinations make up more than half of all supermarket sandwich sales by supermarkets, according to leading food manufacturer Greencore.

Co-op charges members £3.50 and non-members £4 for a main, snack and drink as part of its meal deal.

Meanwhile, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s both charge £3.50 for their meal deals.

The price of Asda’s meal deal varies depending on the products picked.

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