M&M chocolate fans discover the true meaning behind the unique brand name

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Those who love chocolate rarely give a second thought to the name of the sweets their eating and focus largely on the taste.

But one woman has taken TikTok users by surprise with her intriguing revelation about how M&M’s came to be named.

The multi-coloured button-shaped chocolates are loved for their soft core and hard shell, each one of which is finished with the trademark letter “M”.

Taking to the social media platform to share her historical fact, Claire Dinhut (@condimentclaire), revealed that the simple brand name has a unique backstory.

She said: “My most fun candy history fact is M&M and why it is called M&M, basically there is so much family drama here and its so juicy, it’s so good.”

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The London-based chocolate-lover, who is originally from the US, explained that the colourful chocolate name stands for Mars and Murrie, in honour of the heirs and business collaborators, Forrest Mars Sr, and Bruce Murrie.

These names are significant as they are the sons of the founder of the chocolate giant, Hershey’s, and the founder of Mars.

Claire explained that the story started when Forrest E. Mars fell out with his dad, Frank C. Mars, and prompted him to collude with William Murrie, the founder of Hershey’s.

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Forrest betrayed his father Mars-founding father as he had a personal talent for coming up with names for different chocolate bars, and had an idea for a new kind of product.

On a trip to Europe, Forrest saw people enjoying candy-covered pebble-shaped chocolate and wanted to bring it back to the US, but not to his father.

Instead, he took it to William Murrie who asked him to work with his son, Bruce on the new chocolate treat.

The product came to be known as “Mars and Murrie”, now branded M&M.

Claire said: “And that’s why the M&M is called the M&M! The reason it also popped off is they created it in WWII, and in WWII they made a deal with the government that in every soldier’s bag, there were M&M’s.”

TikTok fans took to the comments to share their excitement about the fact, with one writing: “Fascinating!”.

Another claimed: “I just went down the rabbit hole bc of this TikTok! So fun fact – Mars had to work with Murrie at Hershey because Hershey controlled the chocolate rations.”

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