Storage tip for peppers is ‘amazingly simple’ and helps them keep for weeks

Peppers are commonly stored loose in the fridge or left in the packaging they were purchased in until use.

While most will last for up to one week using this method, the slightest blemish on the skin can quickly cause the flesh to turn mushy.

Luckily it’s easy to prevent with an “amazingly simple” hack which involves transferring the whole peppers to an alternative container.

All that’s required is a zip lock bag and a paper towel to line it with.

Simply place the folded paper towel in half and place it in a secure plastic bag then add one or two peppers and seal it up.

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According to a food storage expert at How Fab, this method ensures that bell peppers “stay fresh and unspoiled for weeks”.

It will work best when the peppers are washed and thoroughly dried before being sealed up into the bag.

This can then be placed in the crisper drawer of the fridge to maintain the desirable crunchy texture.

The food expert claimed: “When stored this way, bell peppers will last one to two weeks. Note that green bell peppers will last longer than the red or yellow ones.”

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Like most fresh vegetables, whole peppers keep for much longer than cut versions which go soft in a matter of days.

Slicing the colourful flesh reduces shelf life because it causes plant tissue damage and fluid loss to the vegetable.

While it may seem impossible to avoid, it can be slowed down simply by keeping the stems and seeds attached to any unused pepper slices.

This is effective because they contain key nutrients that maintain overall quality and freshness of leftover peppers.

Moisture is another factor in cut bell peppers losing their firmness and quality. So in addition to keeping the seeds and stem attached, an expert at Nature Fresh Farms suggested using an airtight container.

The container should first be lined with a paper towel to absorb excess moisture from the vegetable, allowing the flesh to retain its firmness.

According to the expert, the container should be stored in the crisper drawer where the temperature is generally the coolest.

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