Chef makes versatile meals for royals including ‘gluten-free high tea’

The Royal Family all have different tastes in food, as do the Royal Families across Europe and the Middle East. Tytania Rose, a chef that occasionally cooks for the royals, spoke exclusively to to explain the versatile diets she discovered whilst working for the Royal Family.

In association with Niroshini Cosmetic Acupuncture, Tytania explained what royal children in particular eat and whether they have the diets of ordinary children their age.

She explained: “They tend to be like every other child – excited to make what they saw on TikTok that morning.

“I am always amazed at the level of their palate. One little boy, whom I deeply adored, enjoyed everything from caviar to tacos.

“Like most children, vegetables have to be hidden in the dishes or they will be pushed around the plate until dismissed.”

Tytania also clarified what the royals like to eat for dessert: “Everyone seems to love proper cakes and English high tea. I did a gluten-free high tea once for a senior royal. My assistant at the time put the scones under the grill though and they almost caught on fire.”

The chef disclosed how one member of the Royal Family asked her to follow a niche diet which had its challenges.

Tytania said: “I had a royal client who asked me to follow the Dr Sebi diet for them. I had to follow a recipe book written by an advocate, who was not one the greatest of chefs, let’s say.

“This involved a lot of recipe fixing and tainting. However, there are absolute truths behind detoxing and alkalizing the body of course. It is just that sometimes things can get taken to extremes.”

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The royal chef explained her background and which Royal Family has the most “versatile diet”.

She opined: “I have cooked for many royal households across the globe and would say that the Royal Families from the Middle Eastern countries have the most versatile diet. They naturally have lots of spices and herbs in their native diets and they tend to eat in a buffet style.

“This means that they have a variety of nutrients and micro-nutrients at each meal. This is what I try to tell people to do, to obtain better health. But Middle Eastern Royal Families do this culturally.

“They tend to eat less processed food as well, as they have access to the best quality of food available.”

Tytania, who was unable to name any individuals or households, expanded on whether the Royal Family themselves choose their menus.

“I generally write all the menus based on their dietary specifications, as I would with any of my clients,” the expert claimed.

“Then we discuss together. Obviously, there is access to any food, at any cost which makes it very fun to cook. There are no limits.

“They love hosting parties, especially around holiday themes and birthdays. I always try to throw in pumpkin carving sessions for the children on Halloween, alongside toasting the seeds to eat while carving.

“Depending upon which country they are from, they always really embrace the Western holidays, as they are quite exotic for them.”

According to the chef, some of her royal clients keep a very healthy food source on their estates which she recommends.

“A few of my royal clients have their own honey on their estates. This is incredible for the microbiome, particularly if they are also living in the same environment, as the bees that produce it,” Tytania noted.

“Also, the royals often have herb gardens. Herbs increase immunity and gut health, plus increase the taste of food in general. My overall advice is to eat like a royal. Switch to honey to sweeten everything, eat a variety of foods at each meal, eat seasonally and load up on fresh herbs.”

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