Man so disgusted after biting into Chicago Town pizza he spat it out

A man claims he got more than he bargained for when he bit into a mini pepperoni pizza – and allegedly found a 1cm piece of plastic baked into the crust.

Tom Higham, 48, at first thought the piece of black plastic was a bone when he dug into the small Chicago Town deep dish pepperoni pizza he had purchased from his local Farmfoods on Friday, April 28.

He said: “I was working from home and decided to have an afternoon snack of a Chicago Town pizza, and I found this massive bit of plastic in it. I don’t want to be graphic, but I spat it out, and it looks like some part of a machine or something like that.”

“I think people should be aware because these are sold all the time and could even be given to children. It could be quite dangerous because it’s over 1cm long – it’s quite a big piece.

“I didn’t see it because it was actually baked inside the pizza. I bit into it and hurt my tooth; I thought it might have been a bone. I picked it out and wondered what it was.”

Tom, a motor trader, made a complaint to Chicago Town following his alleged discovery of the mystery object, reports the Liverpool Echo.

A spokesman for the Dr Oetker Group, which owns Chicago Town in the UK, said: “We’re most concerned to learn of this unfortunate discovery. Chicago Town prides itself on our safety controls – a series of quality checks throughout the various stages of the pizza-making process mean we’re confident in our production.

“We’re unable to give a more definite answer without being given the opportunity to inspect the product, packaging and item in question and are talking with the customer to arrange this.”

Tom said: “I’m not going to eat this again, no chance – not after that. If you gave it to your child, they might well have choked to death. I’m just glad I didn’t swallow it, because who knows what would have happened.”

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