Remove ‘tough marks’ from a oven glass door with this ‘simple’ cleaning method

It is that time of year when most people are giving their homes a good cleaning just in time for the holiday season, and one of the most dreaded household chores is cleaning the oven door. 

Over time an oven door window can collect grime and grease stains, which are not only unsightly but make it difficult to take a look at any food cooking to see how it is coming along. 

Brown stains on an oven door are often a nightmare to try and clean as they can be very stubborn if they have been baked into the glass.

Luckily, there is a very easy way to take grease stains off the oven glass within minutes, and that is using a dishwashing tablet. 

Dishwasher tablets are made with concentrated dishwasher detergent, meaning they can cut through tough food stains without any issue. 

Powdered tablets also have an abrasive surface which means you can easily get rid of stains without spending a long time scrubbing away at the oven door. 

Most dishwashing tablets are also not expensive, with a pack costing around £3 or £4 at most supermarkets, and will last you a long time once purchased as you should clean the interior of your oven door around every three months.  

Steph, a cleaning and homemaking expert, has explained how to try out this simple oven-cleaning solution. 

In a video online, Steph said: “You will want to go clean your oven after watching this simple hack…This is perfect for the tough marks.” 

You just need warm water, a microfibre cloth, and a dishwashing tablet to try this out. 

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To begin, place warm water into a small bowl. Open your oven door and gently dip the bottom of the dishwashing tablet into the bowl. 

Make sure not to have the tablet in the bowl too long as it may begin to dissolve. Once dipped, use the tablet to wipe the interior surface of the oven glass. 

Once the dishwashing tablet solution is on the glass door, use a microfiber cloth to clean down the oven door and the stains should begin to disappear. 

If the stains are particularly stubborn, you can mix in a baking soda with your warm water until it begins to form a paste and try again using a dishwashing tablet. 

Let it sit on the oven glass door for more time, around 15 to 20 minutes, and once again use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the oven door.

Your oven door should then be sparkling and clean. In Steph’s comment section, one user praised the method after trying it out, and said: “Best thing ever! Works Great!”

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